Friday, July 16, 2004

Yet Another Intelligence Mishap

This Washington Times story about how the Chinese just launched a new submarine class that we didn't know existed, is disconcerting. Not because we have anything to fear about this particular class of submarines, we probably don’t, but it is yet another in a growing string of intelligence failures. (At some point this string is going to become a rope.)

Now, I understand that we are much more likely to hear about intelligence failures than successes, but at some point, if you are President of the United States, don’t you have to shake things up? As if 9/11 and Iraq weren’t enough, this newest failure serves to underline the fact that our intelligence is poor.

Fortunately George Tenet is gone (and if he was pushed by the White House, they certainly did it quietly, which fits in with this administration’s philosophy that loyalty is more importance than competency.) And with the Senate Intelligence committee’s report on the failures in Iraq, it would seem that this is an opportune time t o make some "adjustments" to our intelligence community. But it seems that the President doesn’t think that major changes are warranted. Frankly this is yet another judgment call by this President that can be seriously questioned.

Now is the time to makes some changes, and significant, public changes. Our intelligence gathering is broken and if this President isn’t serious about fixing it, hopefully the next one will be.