Monday, August 02, 2004

Conservatives looking forward to President Kerry?

This article lists five reason why conservatives may secretly wish for a Bush defeat this fall.

I do get the sense that conservatives are a little disgruntled over the direction this country is taking under a GOP led government (Spending is up, deficits are back, social issues seem to be taking a back seat, and the Democrats have not bowed meekly to the GOP's might), but I don't think that they think that a President Kerry would make things better.

A 2004 GOP defeat, especially if it is accompanied by the Dems taking back the Senate and gaining some seats in the House would set the stage for a true battle for the soul of the party. Although some conservatives might long for such a battle, the party itself would come out weaker and take years to recover. (See Democratic Party 1968 - 1992.)