Sunday, August 08, 2004

Hopes Dashed? or Maybe Dascheled?

Way back in early 2003, Sen. Bill Frist was the fair haired boy of the GOP. He was a doctor and a philanthropist, with a calm non-threatening demeanor that seemed to be straight out of central casting. After helping to cast aside Trent Lott as Senate Majority Leader, his name was front and center as the most natural successor to Junior in 2008 (at least the most natural successor whose name did not also end in Bush).

How times have changed. Junior is a in a fight for his survival (and right now, at least, losing) and Bill Frist while struggling to control a GOP majority Senate has seen his political futures dim. Indeed, most observers, this one included, would give Frist a low, or even failing, grade as Senate Majority Leader. As the Washington Post details in this page one story, Bill Frist has had a great deal of trouble making the adjustment from doctor to leader, and his failure to push through a Republican agenda in a government ruled by Republicans will be an event that the GOP will rue for many years (and maybe even beyond.)