Sunday, August 08, 2004

In Praise Of Phil Graham

I don't agree with former Senator Phil Graham (R-TX) on much, but he will always have my respect for how he switched parties in the 80's. Graham, then in the House, resigned his seat and ran for his old seat in a special election. He recognized that the voters had elected him as a Democrat, and that they should have the right to expect him to keep his word to them, so instead of break that word, he resigned, explained his position and sought their approval --which the voters gave by electing him again.

Contrast this to Rodney Alexander, who recently switched from D to R, on the last day for a candidate to register for the fall election, after previously registering as a Democrat. This effectively assures that the Democrats cannot run a strong opponent against him. Alexander has the absolute right to switch parties, and he had been flirting with this idea for a while, so the switch itself is not a shock, but the way that he did shows no respect to the voters and is an insult to the people he is supposed to represent.