Thursday, August 05, 2004

Kerry Attacks

I think that the recent attacks on Kerry's war records are a sign of desperation. So far the White House has refused to distance itself from the attacks, which will only serve to make sure that these charges get more press. But in doing so (and lending implicit credence to the claims), the WH run several risks, including the press doing stories about similar attacks against John McCain in 2000, McCain himself saying something negative about the White House (he comes close here), as well as, continued attention to the fact that one candidate went to Vietnam and was shot at, while the other used family connections to go fly airplanes and then not show up for meetings that were inconvenient.

Even bloggers that seem to be otherwise sympathetic to Junior are decrying the latest attacks. (She also raises the good question about the convenient and suspicious timing of these attacks)

I have been wrong about negative attacks before (I usually think that the public will see through them, even when they don't), but this one seems so over the top that it should fail.

Only time will tell how effective this strategy is , but that fact that the White House is not running away from these claims makes me suspect that they are looking for anything to soften up the 2-4% lead that Kerry seems to have solidified. By risking some serious blowback for their tacit support for these claims, the BC04 people are showing some real desperation and fear about the results come November unless there is a change in the dynamics of the race.