Thursday, August 12, 2004

Most Uncomfortable Press Conference Ever!

Not only is Gov. McGreevey resigning, but during the press conference he also came out of the closet. He declared himself a "Gay American"and admitted to an affair with a male aide. (I literally cringed while listening to the press conference, by far the "Most Uncomfortable Press Conference Ever!")

(Alright NY Post headline writers, Christmas has come early, do yourself proud!)

His resignation will become official on Nov. 15, which avoids a special election this fall, and allows the President of the State Senate to be Governor until 2006. But look for the NJ GOP to make a huge stink over the timing. And they will be right to do so.

The people of New Jersey should be voting this fall for a new governor. I don't know, if McGreevey needed to resign over these accusations, but having done so, he should allow the voters to choose his successor. To not do so is wrong both politically and substantively.

(I could go on about how the Democrats in NJ continually self-destruct in a state that should be safely blue, but I will leave that for another day.)