Wednesday, August 04, 2004


1) The defeat of the incumbent governor in yesterday's Missouri (my home state) primary is bad news for the BC04 people for two reasons. Obviously it takes a unpopular politician off the Democratic line come November, but almost as importantly, it shows that voters are willing to turn an incumbent out of office. That type of voter eagerness for change (see also California 2003) has to make Karl Rove and the White House gang very nervous.

2) Illinois GOPers appear to be going after two flawed candidates to replace Jack Ryan on the GOP Senate ballot. Although Alan Keyes will bring some interest to the race, and make it a whole lot more fun to cover for local reporters, he has zero chance of getting elected. And amazingly, he is the least flawed of the two candidates being vetted, at least he doesn't have any sexual harassment complaints on his record and wasn't a Democrat until appointed to the Bush administration.