Friday, September 03, 2004

Two Speeches

(And I am not talking about Bush's acceptance and Kerry's rebuttal 35 minutes later.)

Junior gave two speeches last night, one was a passionate one about Iraq-9/11-Middle East. We have seen this before, and he is strong when he talks about this topic. (Although you can certainly quibble if all three are truly one subject and not three distinct ones.)

However, before he gave that speech, he gave an extremely pedestrian speech about America, domestic issues and his plan for the next four years. It was as unoriginal as his second speech was passionate -- it was nothing but a laundry list of unoriginal ideas, without details or a plan to pay for them.

Frankly, this is the part of being President that his Daddy never got either. Being a foreign policy President is the easy part -- being a domestic policy President is hard.

Tonight was an illustration that Junior prefers the easy to the hard. The problem for him, and the hopes for the Democrats, is that the domestic part is more important to most voters. And despite attempts to merge the two via 9/11, the three most important issues will always be: jobs, jobs and jobs.

And Junior didn't really talk about that -- something he may well regret come November.

P.S.- I liked Kerry's midnight speech, but was blown away by the introduction that he got by John Edwards. I questioned the wisdom of the event, but I think it worked. It won't change the race, but it sent a message that after the GOP convention, and a less than stellar late August, the Kerry/Edwards ticket is still kicking.