Friday, October 29, 2004

As I was saying . . .

the Bush team was hoping for some shake up in the electoral dynamics, and the latest appearance of bin Laden certainly qualifies. However, I have no idea how it shakes out -- voters may see bin Laden and run toward Bush as a safer choice, or they may see him and realize that he is still running loose after 3 years. Or maybe, voters have already factored bin Laden into the equation, and his appearance will have no impact.

Both sides will try to spin it their way, and both sides would have a point and will find supporters. Personally, it reminds me that three years after 9/11, the murderer of 3000 Americans is walking around and trying to influence this election. But my guess is that for most people this newest tape will have little influence on their final choice. If bin Laden was the prime factor for your vote, on either side, you probably would have already made up your mind.