Wednesday, October 06, 2004


The Corner (conservative) is pretty much torn between a tie and a Cheney victory;
Political Wire (moderate to liberal) says Edwards won;
Josh Marshall (liberal) though Edwards won;
Andrew Sullivan (conservative turned Kerry supporter) says this was a car wreck for Cheney;
Poliblogger (fairly conservative) says it looks like a tie;
Hardball's online poll has Edwards ahead of Cheney 68%-32%, but those results will change, and it is just an online poll;
Jeff Jarvis (? political leanings) says Edwards won;
Outside the Beltway (conservative) thinks Cheney won;
CBS News online poll has Edwards ahead 79% to 19% -- again caveat, this is an online poll! it will change and it is not scientific;
Hugh Hewitt (conservative) says Cheney won, but that it was "not a disaster" for Edwards;
even Fox's online poll (can't link) has Edwards ahead right now, albeit slightly.

So I think the bottom line was a draw -- and on to Friday night's debate.