Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Pretty much even

A few thoughts on tonight's debate:

1) I didn't think that there were any knockout, or even any real hard jabs. Cheney best line was that tonight was the first time that he had met Edwards; Edwards' best line was that Cheney keep suggesting that Iraq had a connection to 9/11/01.

2) Cheney probably was ahead on points in the foreign policy section, but Edwards was stronger on the domestic part.

3) The most amazing part of the entire debate to me, and something that I think will resonate in a way I can't exactly predict, was Cheney's refusal to back the President in his anti-gay marriage amendment. I simply cannot remember a time where the VP has completely abandoned the President like that in any debate or race. It made Cheney look very human, but perhaps at the expense of the overall ticket.

4) I think that the GOP is more excited about this debate tonight than the Dems are, mainly because they will think that Cheney stopped the bleeding. Usually a tie goes to the challenger, in this case a tie helps both sides with their base, but I would be shocked if any voters actually base their votes on tonight. (I doubt, however, that many people think tonight that John Edwards in unqualified to be Vice-President.)

5) As an Edwards fan, I should point out that I thought he handled the most annoying debate tactic, not immediately answering a question, better than any other candidate I have seen. First, he acknowledged that he was getting off topic, but still always got back to the question asked. It is still a bit annoying, but he handled it well.

6) Finally, Sox wins, Yankees lose and a tie in the debate. 2 1/2 out of 3 ain't bad. (BTW-I was watching the Yankees' game in picture-in-picture, and every time I looked at the game, it seemed as if the Yankees were hitting into a double play. Amazing. I only wish I could correspond the double plays to something that Cheney was saying, alas . . . )