Monday, October 04, 2004


1) I am sorry to see the Kerry camp pull out of Virginia. I know you can't contest all of the states, and that Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania are the top targets, but I thought that Kerry might be able to make this one of the November surprises. I still think it will be closer than people predict, but it is unlikely to move to the blue column absent a major win.

2) Newsweek has excellent coverage of Thursday's debate and the aftermath. Most surprising, the attitude toward preparation between the two candidates, and it showed when the lights came on.

3) It seems to me that the GOP (or at least the BC04 people) don't really take Kerry seriously. I don't know if this is part of a cocoon effect that insulates them from the outside world, or if they just so firmly believe in Junior that they can't see his flaws, but either way the superior attitude has not served them well in this race.

4) Bob Novak documents some worry on the GOP side about their guy.