Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bernie Kerik

It's is of course late in the game for this, but I for one am very glad that this particular appointment has been derailed.

Kerik was, and is, all about self-promotion. In 2001, he chose to leave the NYPD, despite the trauma of 9/11, essentially so he could promote his book. He went to Iraq to "train the police" but left after about three months. He has never shown himself to be accomplished in any particular way, other than doing the hack work that ingratiates him to politicians (i.e. Rudy and Junior).

But perhaps his crowning moment is that, even as the reasons why he should never have been appointed to anything are becoming abundantly clear (mob connections; a love nest; his use of on duty officers for political purposes; undisclosed gifts), his self-professed reason for withdrawing from the position of Secretary of Homeland Security is falling apart. After reading this New York Times article, it is hard to come to any conclusion but that this "nanny" never existed, or if she does, that her lack of documentation is entirely fictious.

Now if only Rumsfeld had a nanny as well . . .