Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Social Security Debate

TPM has a very interesting post on the upcoming debate on privatizing social security. I agree with much, but not necessarily all, of what he says.

But this debate is more than just about retirement funds. It is a battle that puts the philosophies of the two parties against each other. Our party believes in government, and specifically believes that government has a duty to insure those who are least able to provide for themselves. The Republicans don't really believe in government (or at least believe that government is generally obstructionist). Specifically on social security, they believe that people would be better off with the markets dictating retirement funds. History has shown otherwise.

Now there is some middle ground on the specifics of social security privatization, but this is not really about social security, it is a much bigger debate. And on the bigger issue, Democrats cannot afford to cede any more ground.