Thursday, January 13, 2005

Talk About Bad Ideas

According to this story in The Washington Post, a missionary group by the name of WorldHelp, has taken the opportunity while ostensibly providing relief to victims of the tsunami in Asia, to "relocate" 300, presumably Muslim, children to a "Christian" environment.

The details are a little fuzzy, and I have an inkling that this may be little more than pushing a story as a way for this group to raise extra money, but if true, it would represent Christian evangelicalism at its very worst. (Unsurprisingly there appears to be a Jerry Falwell link.)

I am sure that there will be more details on this story in the days to come. My hope is that it does not lead to an already insecure Indonesian government simply banning foreign relief. Intelligent, careful relief agencies understand that in order to provide the necessary relief you have to respect local customs, but apparently the idiots at WorldHelp have decided that fundraising and their own personal glorification is more important than helping the hundreds of thousands who so desperately need it. Pathetic.