Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Break up the Oligarchy

Democrats, on principle, should be opposed to an oligarchy, however for year Democrats have been accepted this in their own ranks - namely among their political consultants. Now some are fighting back. Amy Sullivan's article in the Washington Monthly was the opening salvo, which has been followed up by, among others, Chris Bowers of MyDD.

Sensing some dissention in the ranks, and perhaps even noticing that their current roster of consultants hasn't exactly been overwhelmingly successful, Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi have signaled plans to expand their reach beyond the beltway in search of fresh talent.

I will hold off judgment, but I expect that very little will change. The Democrats are still a party that looks first at Washington, and then only later outward. That is fine when you have the Presidency, or at least the Congress, but when you have neither, it is time to shake things up. Trying new consultants seems like a very minimal start.