Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Remember When . . .

the GOP actually stood for a smaller federal government? Or believed in things like local control over schools and states' rights over courts? Yeah, that seems like such an innocent time, and it really wasn't all that long ago, but it was a time when Democrats had some control over the Federal government. That isn't so now, and gone with it is what was supposed to be one of the "bedrock" Republican principles.

The President's most recent budget, according to the Washington Post, will continue to expand the size and role of the federal government. From schools to marriage to lawsuits the "smaller government" party wants the Federal Government to decide that one size fits all in this country -- what is good for Alabama is also good for Massachusetts.

It seems to me, and also Rep. Mike Pence (R-Indiana), that this President has dropped any pretense of believing in smaller government. The only question is whether he brings the entire GOP with him down hypocrisy lane. My money, by the way, is on the President and the GOP's thirst for continued power to trump "principles".

Maybe the Democrats should make a real push for that Libertarian voter. It seems to me that after this budget, Democrats have more in common with true Libertarians at this point than Republicans.