Friday, March 25, 2005

The Real Schiavo Divide

It is becoming apparent that the real divide in the Schiavo debate is less liberal/conservative than social conservative/traditional conservative.

Social conservatives are now calling on Gov. Bush or President Bush to take extraordinary measures and intervene despite the court orders allowing Terri to die. Indeed Roy Moore, on Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday, said that the executive branch can ignore any court decision that it does not agree with and placed the blame on Gov. Bush's feet. Also in the camp of ignoring the Courts' decisions are Bill Bennett & Brian Kennedy, Batesline, and Rusty Shackelford. In addition, there appears to growing hostility at the Bush and Bush for not taking more action.

On the other side of the debate are more traditional conservatives, who believe that process is important, even when it results in a decision that you may not agree with. Many are horrified at what they see as a willingness to disregard the rule of law in the name of "life." James Joyner, Steven Taylor and Instapundit are representatives of this camp.

As I said before, this is a fault line, and with firebrands like Moore out there to fan the flames, it will require some leadership to walk the two sides back. And that assumes that there are no extraordinary actions, which I think could result not only in a war between conservatives, but also a state and/or federal Constitutional crisis.

But this is quickly becoming a debate among Conservatives, and although I have no doubt that the anger will eventually be directed at the left and the Judiciary, the discussion on exactly what encompasses the "culture of life" will continue, and it will be contained mostly with in the GOP.