Thursday, April 28, 2005

DeLay Retreat

Robert George, whose blog I enjoy a lot, even though I don't think that we agree on very much, has nailed the DeLay issue for the GOP.

At this point the GOP is just praying that the public isn't watching. Not because DeLay has broken the rules, which he very may well have, but because it just looks so slimy.

There is no good defense of DeLay - the "everyone does it" defense merely slimes everyone in Congress, and the "he hasn't been indicted or convicted" defense is always weak. Even the "liberals are out to get me" defense is a bad one, because there are clearly things that DeLay has done that the public won't like very much -- like flying around the globe on lobbyist's dimes.

But the GOP can't get rid of DeLay, because he is the one that appears to be holding the GOPers in the House together. So right now the DeLay plan appears to be to limit the amount of damage that is done, and hope that the public isn't paying attention.