Thursday, April 21, 2005

Did the Nuclear Option Just Become Less Likely?

The Hill is reporting that Rick Santorum is advocating delay in the use of the nuclear option to get judges confirmed. According to the story Santorum is reacting to private GOP polling that shows that Americans are against the parliamentary maneuvering that the GOP would like to use in order to confirm judges that have been filibustered by Democrats.

In addition to the bad national poll numbers, uncertainty if they have 50 votes from their own members and Santorum's own plummeting poll numbers in Pennsylvania certainly are factors as well.

Santorum has been a driving force behind the nuclear option, his uneasiness with going ahead at this time creates an even bigger dilemma for Leader Frist than he already faced. And it could also be a bit of positioning by Santorum, in case the option is used and ends up turning on the GOP.