Saturday, April 30, 2005

If ... Then the Terrorists Win. (You fill in the blanks)

According to Josh Marshall, Sen. Wayne Allard has told constituents that unless the GOP uses the nuclear option to assure that President Bush can appoint whomever he likes to the bench, the terrorists will win.

In light of recent terrorist attacks, it is readily apparent that we face a new age of global unrest, a world in which terror has replaced formal declarations of war as the major threat against freedom and democracy. A necessary component of providing justice to those who would do harm to our nation is to maintain an efficient court system - a court equipped with the personnel and resources that enable it to fulfill its role as a pillar of our constitutional system of governance.

The current filibusters of President Bush's Circuit Court nominees clearly demonstrates an active effort by a minority of Senators to block the confirmation of well-qualified judicial nominees. I firmly believe that these tactics have damaged the judicial nomination process to an unacceptable degree, and now it must be corrected. It is shameful that the action of a handful of Senators has created a vacancy crisis that threatens the service of the very justice upon which our great nation depends.

Can we please stop this? The nuclear option is primarily about one thing - power. There is no Constitutional right to have an up or down vote on judges, or if there is, it didn't stop the GOP from blocking 60 Clinton judicial nominees from getting an up or down vote.

The GOP wants to change the rules so that they can use their majority status to do whatever they would like on judges. Democrats want to use whatever tools at their disposal to stop that. This is a power struggle.

But Allard's comments are pathetic.