Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Filibuster Fallout

The two biggest questions (and answers) that have surfaced after the Judicial Compromise of 2005:

How long will the compromise hold?

At least until Rehnquist announces his retirement and a successor is announced this summer, then all bets are off. (This is of course assuming that Bush nominates someone very right wing, which I put at about 80%.)

Will this Gang of 14 get together on other issues and try to force action?

A few of them will try to get together on issues such as Social Security or stem cells, but in the end this will be more an anomaly. That said, Sen. Reid should be doing everything he can behind closed doors to try and encourage this group to tackle other issues. Publicly, however, he must be careful not to alienate the 7 GOPers from their other colleagues. But finally the moderate GOPers have exercised some of their muscle after being patsies for so long. The Democrats should use this opportunity to appear non-obstructionist here, tackle issues that appeal to Dems and moderate GOPers and demonstrate that they are a party of ideas.