Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Latest Filibuster News

My laser like focus on this continues:

The New York Times expects a midweek confrontation.

The Washington Times says Frist is ready to pull the trigger with Judge Owens as the test case.

The Washington Post points out that the Supreme Court is the real reason for this fight.

Steven Taylor would like to see a compromise, but thinks the Democrats have too much invested in the fight. (I think it is exactly the opposite -- Republican groups are the reason for this fight at this time.)

Rich Lowry says that Republicans say they have 50 vote, more or less. (I like Rich, but that doesn't really say anything does it, the "more or less" part is really the rub here.)

Jarrett Conner at Political Capital doesn't go for the idea that a "real filibuster" is the answer.

MyDD points out that Bush has had 96% of his nominee confirmed.

Texas Theologue wonders if the nuclear option is the best idea.

Get Your Blog Up has 49 Senators against the Nuclear Option. (My guess is 50 -- with Smith, Warner and Specter on the fence.)