Tuesday, May 17, 2005


By now almost everyone knows about that Newsweek really screwed up the Quoran story. And everyone also knows that as a direct result of this story, 17 people died in Afghanistan. Right? J.D. Hayworth said it today on Imus "Newsweek lied, people died." And the White House has called on Newsweek to do more just than retract the story and issue an apology. It is all very clear.

But now here comes Andy McCarthy in NRO (no, not that Andy McCarthy) telling people on his side to calm down for a second:

Here's an actual newsflash — and one, yet again, that should be news to no one: The reason for the carnage here was, and is, militant Islam. Nothing more.
. . .
What are we saying here? That the problem lies in the falsity of Newsweek's reporting? What if the report had been true? And, if you're being honest with yourself, you cannot say — based on common sense and even ignoring what we know happened at Abu Ghraib — that you didn't think it was conceivably possible the report could have been true. Flushing the Koran down a toilet (assuming for argument's sake that our environmentally correct, 3.6-liters-per-flush toilets are capable of such a feat) is a bad thing. But rioting? Seventeen people killed? That's a rational response?

It is also worth pointing out that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs last week denied any connection between the Newsweek story and the rioting.

So in short: Newsweek messed a story up and apologized, and radical Islam is irrational, but the two aren't connected. To use this mistake as a chance to keep reporters from reporting things that may not be favorable to the current administration is rank opportunism. Newsweek apologized, exactly what more are they supposed to do?

(And BTW, I hardly think Michael Isikoff is some crazy lefty, does anyone remember Monica Lewisnky?)