Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Nuclear Option News

The Washington Post reports that with the nuclear option, a/k/a constitutional option, imminent, a compromise is still possible and that negotiations not including the two leaders have increased their intensity.

The New York Times says that both Frist and Reid laid out their arguments for and against the nuclear option in a meeting of 12 centrist Senators.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports that Nebraska's Ben Nelson and Arkansas' Mark Pryor have lined up six Democrats that would vote to limit the filibuster, but that John McCain has not yet found the six Republicans need to force a compromise on the leaders.

The Los Angeles Times outlines the pressure that both sides are feeling from their interest groups on their respective right or left.

The Christian Science Monitor states that despite the GOP's efforts to rename it, the nuclear option fits because "total war fits the tone of this conflict.

The Washington Times announces that all efforts at compromise are dead.

The Chicago Tribune has a nice overview of where we stand and how we got there.