Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sphere Reactions

Some reactions from around the blogsphere (I do hate that term, almost as much as "Homeland") to the filibuster debate:

Steven Taylor is unimpressed with the debate tactics of Harry Reid.

Kudzu Files is unimpressed with either sides debating tactics.

Addison Quale praises Rush Limbaugh's insight into the debate.

Carpetbagger thinks Frist is short of his 50 votes.

Daily Pundit says let the majority rule.

Joust The Facts agrees and says, since Bush got a higher percentage of the vote than any Dem President in the past 40 years, the voters have already decided this issue.

Polipundit explains why a real filibuster wouldn't work.

TPM thinks that the Republicans are putting power over the Constitution.

Bull Moose looks for the Centrists for relief from this situation.

[Update - in case you missed, The Los Angeles Times, Michael Kinsley run, op-ed page recently came out in favor of the nuclear option. Of course, they hope that this is the end of all filibusters.]