Sunday, June 26, 2005

Caesar's Wife*

According to the Washington Post, Doc Hastings, the new head of the House Ethic Committee, failed to properly report a trip to Canada that cost over three thousand dollars. Apparently the Congressmans' defense is that "the check is in the mail." (His staff claims that the report was sent, but that it was apparently lost in the mail.)

As I detailed below, the only reason that Doc Hastings was named Chairman is because he was controllable by Tom Delay. But having been appointed, for whatever reason, you would assume that he would want to be above reproach. Even though this is appears to be an oversight, it does help to emphasis the contempt that the Delay House Republicans (which is not all House Republicans, but certainly most of the ones in power) have for the rules.

Delay Republicans live by the motto "I am the federal government." In other words, the rules are for little people.

* Caesar's wife must be above suspicion. - Julius Caesar