Tuesday, June 28, 2005

President's Speech

I only caught parts of the speech, with putting the kids to bed and also watching the NBA draft and baseball, but what I saw left me underwhelmed. (I should state that in general Bush's speeches leave my underwhelmed -- I just don't like the way he speaks or his physical demeanor during his speeches, they both seem very pedestrian to me.)

Unless I missed something major, this really appeared to be more of a effort to fight off sagging poll numbers than an announcement of any concrete plans or new ideas about Iraq. Heavy on noble purpose and support the troops, light on how exactly we can win and get out. My guess is that those on the right will love his speech and the left will hate it. I also would guess that this speech will do little or nothing to move the needle on the polls, except for a possible short term (one week) bounce.

Bottom line: I don't think the public will feel significantly better about what is going on over in Iraq after this speech, and won't feel any better about America's chances to get out of there in the next few years.

[Update - I did, of course, really appreciate his section on WMDs, his apology for misleading the nation and how even though the intelligence was wrong this was still a worthwhile endeavor. What, he didn't say that? Are you sure? Must of been a dream.]