Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bring Back Jonah!

Although I don't agree with most any of the views that are expressed over there, I have been a regular reader of The Corner for quite some time. I find the discussions to be generally lively and somewhat high minded. It has avoided simply being a Republican sounding board, and it's posters (with a few exceptions) give what are usually an honest and thoughtful, albeit conservative, opinions.

However, the relatively recent addition of John Podhertz is clearly a case of subtraction by addition. He is not insightful, nor funny, nor independent. In short he is a hack.

His most recent post about how Karl Rove is not really to blame for anything, because he was just passing gossip given to him by the New York Times, is simply the most recent example. (The quick response to his post is, if what you are guessing is true, then there has not been any crime, and any decent prosecutor would have folded his tent long ago, even if he has a vendetta against a reporter. What is unclear for your hypothesis is who exactly the target of this investigation is? Miller? Joe Wilson himself? Who?) But this is simply the worst sort of hackery, in fact, given his overall lack of insightfulness, it is hard to imagine that he came up with this ridiculous scenario by himself and it is a safe guess that this post was originally written by an intern at the RNC.

His amazing lack of talent is only exceeded by his obviously high opinion of himself. He is surely one of the clearest example of how nepotism is a bad, bad idea. And I can only hope that "JPod" is like a bad summer series (think "Big Brother") that will disappear once the fall comes and people start to pay attention again.