Thursday, August 25, 2005

Listen to The Moose

This is how the Bull Moose sees the situation in Iraq.

It is very clear that the American people are losing faith in the President's conduct of the war. It is with good reason that Administration has suffered a loss of trust. They have mishandled the war and have not leveled with the American people. The Administration has exploited the war for its political purposes and demanded sacrifice only from our brave troops and their families.

Above all, America is losing confidence that the Administration has a strategy for victory. That sentiment is expressed in the words "Win or get out." Some on the left subscribe to the latter and have given up on the former. An American unilateral withdrawal at a date certain is their solution. That is just another way to concede defeat and raise the white flag.

This is exactly right. We should not be cutting and running. But that also does not mean that we should be "staying the course". Changes are necessary, especially to get the public back on board. It is too bad that this WH seems incapable of admitting that they were anything less than perfect. Without change the withdrawal option is only going to become more attractive.