Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New Jersey Senate

Another former employer of mine is in the news. Rep. Rob Andrews is telling his constituents that he will be a candidate for Senate in 2006, if Jon Corzine is elected Governor.

Should Corzine win, he gets to appoint his successor. The top three candidates are Andrews and Reps. Pallone and Menendez. Should Rob not be appointed, he will face a great deal of pressure not to run in what would be a divisive and brutal Democratic primary.

Rob is the type of thoughtful, intelligent politician who would make an excellent Senator, but his campaigning skills do have something to be desired. (His campaign for Governor of New Jersey in 1997 was pretty much a disaster.) In the best of all worlds, Corzine would appoint Andrews and still be able to keep the party in line, but this is New Jersey, so don't count on it.