Friday, August 19, 2005

RINO Alert

Bill Weld has apparently decided that he will run for Governor, but this time in New York. His reason for running is his "belief that New Yorkers had come to like moderate, tax-cutting Republican leaders."

Ummm, how then would you explain the current moderate, tax-cutting Republican leader's miserable poll ratings? George Pataki isn't not running because he really wants to devote his time toward becoming President, he is not running because he would lose and thus assure himself of not becoming President. (Although it is a good question about which RINO is deluding themselves more, Pataki or Weld.)

Weld is a vary talented guy, but he is a flake. And after 12 years of a Republican Governor, I think New Yorkers are ready to give the Democrats (Elliot Spitzer, to be specific) their chance. But it certainly will make for a more interesting race, with two blue blood, Ivy leaguer, former prosecutors facing off against each other.