Thursday, September 22, 2005

Brooks on Kerry/Edwards

David Brooks observes the difference in approaches that the Democrats 2004 ticket have taken over the past few weeks. Kerry is all attack, Edwards is attack with an alternative. Brooks clearly thinks that Edwards approach is the winning way, but wonders if Democrats are listening?

But what Brooks, and several other conservative commentators, fail to realize is that Kerry can talk all he wants, but the man is never going to be a major political player again. Kerry would lose to every other major (and most minor) possible Democratic candidate in the '08 primary. He had his chance, and blew it big time.

Edwards, on the other hand, has apparently recognized the flaws in the 04 campaign -- sometimes you actually need some ideas to win. Edwards remains a major player because people will listen to him and he has some ideas to communicate. At this point, we in the Democratic Party are listening to Kerry just to be polite, and even then all he does is rehash last year's race. That politeness may have to end soon.