Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Picking A Fight?

Latest rumor is that the finalists for the next Supreme Court seat are Alice Batchelder, J. Michael Luttig, Edith Jones, J. Harvie Wilkinson, Priscilla Owen, Samuel Alito, Karen Williams, Michael McConnell, Maura Corrigan, Alberto Gonzales, Harriet Miers and Larry Thompson.

Owens would clearly be the pick that the Democrats would go to the mattresses over. Does Bush want to pick that fight? My guess is yes, but only if he knows he can win, and frankly, I am not certain he can.

Gonzales would be a problem with the right, and I doubt that Bush can afford to alienate them.

The most "John Roberts" are these possibilities would be Michael McConnell. I rest are too unknown to really guess what the immediate reaction would be. But a President with approvals in the low 40's can't assume anything, even when his party controls the Senate. My guess is that an extreme pick is probably off the table because a loss might cripple the last term.

I had earlier picked Gonzales as my guess, but I think the right has stopped that pick, so now I will guess McConnell. I imagine that we will know for certain by the end of the week.