Friday, October 14, 2005

Ideas Have Consequences

We have been hearing this a lot from conservatives opposed to Harriet Miers. But honestly, has anything this White House has done in the past 5 years demonstrated that they are worried about consequences? Tax cuts without corresponding spending cuts - no problem. Invasion of Iraq, without building a national consensus - fine. Ask Americans to support a war on terror, but not ask them for any sacrifice - check. How could any of these be a problem down the road?

This is an Administration that believes that once a decision is made, that's it, time to move on to the next topic, lets not spend any more time worrying about the last topic. When you feel that way, the consequences of your decisions don't really matter.

(Of course, you could also point out to many of these conservatives who are now braying about Miers, but have been fairly strong and vocal about their support for this administration in the past, that they are now suffering the consequences as well. But that would just be snarky.)