Monday, October 24, 2005

Withdrawal Strategery

I previously said that the Miers withdrawal was imminent, which I completely stand by. (Imminent, of course being relative.) But even if we don't know the timing, at least now we know how the WH will justifying the withdrawal.

This weekend GOP Senators starting making noises about needing more papers for Miers, including from her time as WH Counsel. This has been a touchy subject in the past, and today, the WH indicated it did not plan on releasing a great deal of her documents. That will be the hook and it is really smart, since it won't look like a withdrawal, but a stand on principle! The President willing to make a personal sacrifice in his stand.

That is it would have, if Charles Krauthammer hadn't written an op-ed saying the administration should do just that.

No one will be fooled. (OK, except Fred Barnes, he'll believe anything coming out of the WH.)