Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Do You Have to Lie to Become a Supreme Court Jurist?

Robert George is bemoaning the fact that Judge Alito is backing away from his strong position in 1985 that abortion is not constitutionally protected. His problem is not with the backing of a position, but with the intellectual dishonesty that he must now go through in order to get confirmation. And he correctly assesses the blame at both liberals and conservatives, but a little more at the right because they won't stand up for what they really believe.

Alito's previous statements make his position fair game in the confirmation fight. Either he is going to have to defend it, or backtrack. If he backtracks, and then votes to overturn Roe later down the road, it will, I think speak volumes about the intellectual honesty of him and much of the Right. It may be about time to have Sen. Schumer's war of ideas regarding the Courts.