Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Feeling A Little Bolder

In a move sure to make Democrats happier, and annoy Republicans, Minority Leader Reid demanded that the Senate go into closed door session, to discuss why no investigations into Scooter Libby or the rational for the Iraq War were being done. (I can almost hear Fred Barnes whining about this tonight on Fox.)

I think it is a fair question to ask why a Senate that investigated everything that President Clinton or anyone related to his administration did for six years, has not held any real public investigations into anything that this administration has done.

We all the know the reason why, but lets at least get Bill Frist & co. to pretend their are any other reasons. This is a positive sign of a party that is getting its legs back and realizes that you have to counterpunch, instead of hoping for the knockout. I hope, and believe, that this is the first in an organized campaign by the minority party to get some answers and accountability.

[UPDATE - This is also a great shot across the bow to Frist that he can expect the unexpected during the Alito confirmation battles. Always keep your enemy off guard.]