Friday, November 11, 2005

An Interesting News Day

Don't know if the newspapers (and other news outlets) figure that more people may be reading the papers today because it is Veteran's Day, but there are almost a dozen stories that interest me today. I'll run down a few at a time.

1) FOX News has Junior at 36% approval, 53% disapproval. He is down 5 points from last week. Most alarmingly for the WH, his approval by Republicans is down to 72%, cracking the 80% barrier for the first time. At some point the WH has to do something to stop this, but I haven't seen anything so far.

2) In a unrelated, but still related story, Moderate Republicans and Conservative Democrats in the House are creating nightmares for the DeLay-less (but not really) House leadership over the latest budget bill. The leadership already abandoned ANWR (although it is certain to be put back in during reconciliation with the Senate) and are having problems with the budget cuts demanded by the conservatives. The House was supposed to vote last night, but didn't have the votes, so it was put over until next week. This is just showing that the GOP moderates are beginning to worry about their own skin in 2006. Remember, it wasn't the most liberal Democrats who ended up losing in 1994, it was the moderates. You can be sure that the moderate GOPers know that.

More later.