Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Michael Barone is an Idiot

Because he puts out a political almanac every couple years, many in Washington have seen him as some type of guru who knows something that they don't. I've mostly thought of him as a blowhard and not particularly insightful. But apparently I can add idiot to that list as well. His latest column (he apparently calls it a blog, but blogs don't usually run three pages) posits that the reason that Democrats will not filibuster Alito because they are worried that they will offend Italian-Americans!

Huh? What?

If the Democrats need to filibuster they will. There are reasons that may chose not to do so, primarily if Alito comes across well during his hearings, but worries about an ethnic group as diverse as the Italian-Americans will not be a factor in the decision. Besides most of the people who would be "offended" if the Democrats filibustered Alito would not have been voting D in the first place.

I don't think that those concerns kept Democrats from voting against Clarence Thomas (a member of an interest group of significantly more importance to the party). Barone isn't the only conservative who has tried this line in the past few days, but usually it comes from the "hacks", not the so-called intelligencia. This is no different then when the WH was calling criticism of Harriet Miers sexist, which was widely denounced by conservatives.

Like I said -- Barone is an idiot.