Friday, November 11, 2005

More Reasons for Republicans to be Nervous

As if most of the story I have already noted today don't make the GOP nervous, then this recent poll on the Missouri Senate race might push them in that direction.

Although McCaskill is well known in the state,there is no reason that she should be ahead of Talent right now, other than Bush dragging down Talent. There is simply no other way to explain it.

Without Bush's popularity dragging it down, it might be close (say McCaskill within 7-10%), but a drag like this, in what should be a GOP lean seat, is simply going to tell every Member up for reelection that they either need the WH to right the ship, or they will have to show a great deal of independence. If your political future was on the line, what would you chose.

This is a big deal, and will not go unnoticed by the GOP caucus.