Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Two Must Reads for Today

With the Christmas rush over, but the glow still around, entries will be sporadic at best until January. That said, there are two must reads today.

The first is from the Seattle PI, which reveals that one of the reasons that Bush felt the need to ignore the FIS Court, and the established protocol for getting wiretaps, was that the Court was apparently rejecting some of the applications. This is a truly troubling revelation for those of us who value the role that each branch of government plays in our system. The White House unilaterally decided to ignore legislation passed by Congress, which set up the FIS Court, simply because they did not like the results. It is very disturbing.

The second must read is a summary of the disaster that was 2005 for President Bush, done by Jay Cost over at the RCP Blog. It is the best year end summary that I have read on why things went so wrong.