Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Other Shoe

Although a great number of Democrats are enjoying the Jack Abramoff scandal, the real fun will be when he starts talking and future indictments begin rolling out. It is the chickens coming home to roost after 10 years of blurring the lines between government and the interests of private businesses and interest groups.

From news reports, the numbers of potential indictments seem to be from a low of 1 or 2 Congressman to as high as 30. Only time will tell, but the important part is that Democrats take advantage of an issue where (unlike national security) they would seem to have a natural advantage. So far that hasn't been seen in the polling numbers, but then again, so far only 2 Members of Congress have been indicted, and neither for the Abramoff mess.

But the real effect may not be seen until Election Day, when moralistic Republicans will have to decided if they are going to go to the polls to vote for a Republican Party, especially in Congress, that seems to have lost its way. The key in 2006 for Democrats is to play up those fears and keep those usually reliable GOP voters at home.