Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What is Up With Alaska?

John Fund neatly dissects the current political structure in Alaska, observing that local wags like to say that "eventually all the relatives of its leading politicians will get bridges for Christmas."

Fund's purpose is to attack earmarks, but it also points out the dangers of political power being in the hands of only a few leading families. This is a trend that is not only limited to Alaska (although it does seem worse there) but which is affecting the entire country. It is not at all a stretch to think that someday our history books could reflect that for a quarter century (or longer) our Presidents had only one of two last names (Bush or Clinton). (Heck it could be as long as 40 years depending on Hillary and Jeb.)

There have always been political dynasties in our history, but as we are moving toward a more open and less stratified society, you would think that this would lessen and more new people would be getting involved, but apparently the opposite is happening.