Monday, February 27, 2006

Why are GOPers in Congress Turning on Junior?

Republicans in the House and Senate turned on Bush pretty quickly over this Dubai ports issue. (Although some, such as the particularly gutless Bill Frist, have walked that back already.)

The answer as to why, after such slavish loyalty, Congressional Republicans are "standing up" to this President is simple and can be found here and here. (I say "standing up" because only time will tell if this is a way to establish "independence from the White House"or if some members of Congress have actually grown a spine.)

(For those adverse to clicking on links the answer is 34% approval and a nine point generic Democrat lead in preference for Congressional control.)

34%!?! That is truly mind boggling. After less, than 18 months ago this President was reelected. And John Kerry thinks he can run again?

Maybe it really is time for Cheney to resign -- if only to change the story. (Cheney by the way is a 18% favorable -- that may be close to Saddam's numbers, maybe lower.)