Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another Day . . .

More bad poll numbers for Junior.

Both the latest CBS and USA Today/Gallup polls had him at his lowest numbers yet. (34% and 33%, respectively.)

[It is always important to compare numbers from the same polls to get an idea of how poorly this President is doing. He is down two points in the USA Today poll from the last polling, with is disapproval up 4. This is obviously within the margin of error, but when at the numbers keep falling, it isn't too hard to see a pattern. Regardless, in every poll I have seen, Junior is at his lowest level.]

Short of a major change (firing Rumsfeld, replacing Cheney, announcing a withdrawal date for Iraq) it is hard to imagine Bush climbing up into the 40's before Election Day. In fact, they may need to do something dramatic just to keep him from falling into the 20's.