Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy May Day!

I've been trying to find something to right about this morning, but nothing has moved me.

Possible topics that haven't moved me to write a full post are the NFL draft (Houston was insane for not taking Reggie Bush); the WH Correspondence Dinner (didn't watch it, but I am sure that some people thought it was hilarious, other thought that it was bomb); Bush apparently didn't order the CIA to take out Zarqawi in Iraq before the war, despite the CIA knowing where he was (hindsight in these things is always 20/20 -- of course we would have taken out bin Laden if we knew then what we know now, but we didn't. Maybe this will quiet down the "Clinton could have killed bin Laden" crowd, but I doubt it); gas prices are still crazy (but meaningful solutions have been pushed aside for political posturing); there is an immigrant "boycott" that will be going on today (the whole thing seems a little silly and counterproductive); and, for course, November elections are only six months or so away.

Maybe one of these will inspire a longer post, but for now I will just wish everyone a happy May Day.

(UPDATE - Oh yeah, there is also Rush Limbaugh's plea bargain, err . . . I mean, settlement or agreement or something else that isn't a plea bargain, because only criminals agree to a plea bargain, not someone who is not guilty. And that $30,000 isn't a fine, it is a reimbursement! You really have to have drunk the Kool-Aid to buy into that one.)