Friday, May 12, 2006

I Didn't Really Think It Was Going To Happen

But the latest poll has Junior's job approval in the 20's. (29% according to a Harris Interactive poll, sponsored, I think, by the Wall Street Journal.)

It is only two points lower that the NYT/CBS poll, by psychologically it is huge.

UPDATE - At some point this WH has to do something dramatic to stop this free fall. Changing the CoS or getting a new Press Secretary might seem like a big deal when you are living in the WH bubble, but it doesn't really register with normal folk. Right now this administration is perceived as out of touch, inept, incompetent, secretive, stubborn and possibly corrupt.

Attempts to "rally the base" with fights about judges or gay marriage are going to fail, not because the issues don't resonate with the conservative base, but because why would that base think that this administration would be competent enough to do anything substantively, as opposed to just politically. Unless there is a dramatic action by the WH, we might actually be looking at a continued slide in the polls. Without a change, does anyone really thing that an approval under 25% is out of the question?