Wednesday, May 24, 2006

William Jefferson's Side of the Story

It is true that the facts look bad for Rep. Jefferson. And the condemnation, mocking and calls for resignation are starting to pour in. After all, most Congressman do not have $90,000 in their freezer, and even those that do aren't on videotape collecting the money. (That said, perhaps every Congressional challenger should insist that incumbents allow inspections of their freezers as a campaign tactic. I am pretty sure that $90K would not be the weirdest thing that was found.)

But, as for Jeff, he has said that we should wait for his side of the story. And I think that everyone is missing the clear "Traficant defense" that Jeff is going to be using against these allegations. It is pretty clear that he was conducting his own investigation into bribery and foreign governments. After so many failures of intelligence, and the overall general incompetence of the current administration, is it any wonder that a Congressman, especially a Democratic Congressman would decide that he should do his own freelancing? I think that this defense could be a winner. And if it was, just think of the future generation of "Congressional investigations"it could inspire.

(Full Disclosure - I did a small amount of consulting for Jefferson in the early 90's when he was considering a Senate bid. I had no contact, however, with anyone from Nigeria.)