Tuesday, July 18, 2006

50 States

As my one faithful reader knows, I am not a huge Howard Dean fan. I liked Dean the Governor, but was not so hot on Dean the Presidential Candidate, and I am not particularly fond of Dean the political pundit. But Dean the Chairman of the DNC is still an open question. I think that his plan to increase and improve the Democratic organization on the ground in all 50 states is a good one. It may not pay back immediate dividends, but if it is continued and nurtured, it is the type of planning and organization that is very un-Democratic like. And the type of planning which could move the scales ever so slightly toward the Democrats. (And in a 50/50 country, every bit counts.)

As this US News & World Report story illustrates, the plan is not without its opponents -- primarily those that would rather see the money put to immediate use in this next election. But increasing the strength on the ground will help to make up for the decreased Union help, which was key to the Democratic ground game for so long. Without that Union operation, the Democrats are at a distinct disadvantage at GOTV and without a full time organization in many states, it is hard to keep track of supporters and donors. If the Democrats fall a seat or two short of taking back the House or Senate, the long knives will certainly be out for this program. Hopefully the long view can prevail.